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Welcome one, welcome all to Crafty Corner! My name is Cathie, and I am your moderator. I was having a really hard time finding a forum for discussing cool crafting ideas, so I just decided to create one myself!
Please feel free to post any cool craft ideas you have, suggestions or even pics of stuff you have crafted yourself and just want to show off! I am a HUGE fan of "recycled" crafting, where you take something old and make it new again. I have made such things as desk clocks from old records, personalized coasters from bad CDs, tie-dyed pants from an old pair of stained khakis, as well as numerous body care products. I am now starting on mosaic coasters. I have only been crafting for a few months, but I just love it!
Post often and be crafty!
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hey. i used to be a really crafty person and now im trying to get back into it. i dont really know where to start.

im going to college in 2 weeks. any ideas on special projects i can use to spruce up my little area of the room?

also, how did you make the clocks? and what kind of body care products did you make?
Making the clocks was really easy. I got one of the smaller records, and bought a cheap kit at a craft store. If you are really crafty, you can decoupage pictures on it, too.
I make massage oils, soaps, candles, bath salts, lip balm... I also have recipes for bath fizz bombs. I try to do them mostly/all natural, using essential oils or candy flavors instead of fragrance oils.
As far as dorm room ideas.... hm....
I made coasters by taking old CDs and decoupaging pics from magazines onto them. The decoupage is water-resistant and give the coaster a cool shine, too.
You could buy simple frames and glue cool stuff on them (glow-in-the-dark stars, marbles, mag pics, aluminum foil) or paint them, then apply a coat of decoupage over that. Voila! Customized picture frames.
You could have your computer mouse custom-made. Just take a picture to WalMart or something like that, and they can send it out to have mugs or mousepads made for you.
I'm usually better with ideas, but it's late here and I am tired! Hope these ideas gave you a good headstart!